How To Deep Clean Your Home

It is a good idea to give your home a thoroughly good deep clean at least a few times a year if not more.  Here’s how. Start upstairs and work your way down.  Same applies to each room […]

A Daily Cleaning Routine

Cleaning can be quite a dull and boring subject but is very necessary to every day living as it is not pleasant living in a pig sty and a daily routine can avoid endless cleaning at the weekends. […]

Shiny Taps

Have Shiny Taps Shiny taps give your bathroom and kitchen the lux appeal, so here’s how. Clean after use and buff to dry.  If limescale is a problem soak some limescale remover in a cloth and wrap around […]

Cleaning Schedule

Devising Your Own Cleaning Schedule First of all, make it a realistic one.  There is no point in setting yourself impossible tasks and times.  It is a good idea to say split your schedule into three sections.  One […]


How to Vacuum More Efficiently Vacuuming your floors shouldn’t be rushed.  Moving your machine slowly gives the vacuum a chance to pick up all the dirt on your floors and going over the same spot several times allows […]

How To Clean out your Fridge and Freezer

Here’s How:           Remove the Food Throw out any food that is looking or smelling bad. Take the food that is still fine and put it in an ice box/bag while you are cleaning the fridge.           Remove Shelves and […]

Cleaning Made Easy

Kleaning Schedules and Kleaning Kits Use a task sheet/cleaning schedule for each room and decide what you would like on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.  Have a cleaning product/tool kit on each floor to make life […]

How to Vacuum More Efficiently

How to Vacuum More Efficiently The key to a good vacuum is to go over each spot about six times so as to remove most of the dirt.  It’s a job that cannot be rushed, slowly pushing your […]