Helpful Daily Tasks To Make Your Weekly Clean Easier

Bathroom Using a squeegee, wipe your shower doors after every use, this will prevent build up of limescale and makes them so much easier to clean.  Always wipe out shower tray or bath every time.  Keep basin clean.  […]

What You Need to Do For A Weekly Clean

Start upstairs and work your way down.  If you don’t have time to do the clean in one go you can break it up either by doing a room at a time or doing one floor at a […]

15 Minute Quick Cleans For Every Room

Here’s how to do 15 minute cleans on each room of your house to keep your cleaning under control incase a visitor might show up.  A more thorough is required when you have more time, but this will […]

Making House Cleaning Easier and More Fun

House cleaning can be such a drudgery and a job that many people procrastinate in doing.  And it’s one of those jobs that won’t go away and needs doing on a weekly basis.  However, it can be made […]

Office Cleaning Rules

Keep All Surfaces Clean One of the most important jobs in cleaning any office to keep all surfaces free of dust using a disinfectant cleaner which will also help to keep them germ free, a very important factor […]

Cleaning with Lemon and Limes

Here are some cleaners to use around your home using lemon or limes or both, it’s up to you, both work really well and of course both produce a lovely citrus smell. Disinfectant Spray A cup of water […]

How to Clean a Television Screen

The old glass television screens were easy to clean using glass cleaner and a rag, however plasma and LCD screens take a lot more care and can be easily damaged with chemicals and abrasives.  There are several ways […]

Useful Cleaning Tips

Useful Cleaning Tips How To Get Rid of Cooking Smells Boil a little white vinegar in a saucepan with a few cloves for a few minutes and hey presto, smelly fish, curry or burnt food has gone. How […]

Christmas Cleaning

Preparing your Home for Christmas Lists Make lists for all sorts of things, such as a Christmas card list, present list, things to do list, shopping list, etc.  It makes life so much easier. De Clutter Have a […]

Floor Cleaners

Basic Floor Cleaner This simple floor cleaner works well on all floor types – sealed wood, tile, laminate and linoleum – for regular cleaning. Just mix equal parts of white vinegar and hot water, and mop. There’s no […]