All Purpose Cleaner

An all purpose cleaner can be used for many jobs around the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, floors and many surfaces but should not be used on wood. All purpose cleaners contain many different ingredients which differ from […]

Starter Cleaning Kit

The following is a great starter kit to start you off when moving into your new home, particularly if you like natural and homemade cleaners. Baking Soda Is a natural mild abrasive and deodorizer which is good for […]

All Purpose Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaners: How and Where to Use Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products in Your Home Is an all purpose the one and only cleaner you need to carry out all the cleaning tasks in your home? Well, an all […]

Cream Cleaner

Cream cleaner is a great all round cleaner for your home and can be used in all your rooms. The surfaces you can use it on are as follows: Ceramic, Enamel, Plastic, and stainless steel, porcelain It is […]