Cleaning Extras

Not enough hours in the day?   We at Kleanology of Portsmouth and Waterlooville? are happy to do some of those extra little cleaning jobs that you just don’t have time for.

Washing Up

Perhaps you slept through the alarm clock and didn’t have time to wash up.  We can do that, or load/unload the dishwasher

Putting Out the Washing/Bringing it in

Maybe you put the washing out first thing when it was sunny and suddenly the weather changed, well we can bring it in, hopefully before the down pour or vice versa.  We can also get a load out of the washing machine and get another load on.

Bringing Wheelie Bin In or Putting It Out

We can bring your wheelie bin in if it has been emptied or put it out if you forget, just let us know your bin day.

Vacuuming Interior of Car

We are happy to vacuum your car’s interior as part of our cleaning session or as an extra.

Watering Plants

We can water your plants if they have been forgotten and seem a little dry or if you are away when we come to clean.

Changing Beds

As part of our service, we are more than happy to change your bed linen and even stick it through your washing machine.

A Little Outside Work

We can always do a spot of weeding/garden tidy as well as patio sweeping or perhaps a good tidy up in your garden shed/garage.

Pet Care

Worried about your Pets?  We are happy to feed them or clean out their cages.

Tidying Toys

We can tidy away all those kids toys that seem to get everywhere.

Little DIY Jobs

We can do all those little DIY jobs you never get around it

Inside Fridge Cleaning

We can do a thorough clean of the inside of your fridge, taking all your food out and carefully putting it back.  We can also defrost your freezer and clean that out too.

Garage Tidying & Cleaning

We can empty your Kitchen Cupboards, thoroughly clean them out and put all your stuff back.

Bookcase & Filing Cabinet Tidying & Cleaning

Dusty bookcases and filing cabinets, we are happy to empty them, clean them and put it all back.

Inside Kitchen Cupboard Cleaning

We can empty your Kitchen Cupboards, thoroughly clean them out and put all your stuff back.

Fresh Cooked Meal Delivered To You, Just Needs Reheating!
Imagine coming home from a long hard day’s work…. or returning from a holiday or other trip away
The house being clean and spotless, your favourite flowers arranged in the hall, the table set and a lovely fresh meal all ready, just needing reheating.
Meal Suggestions (However, tell us what you would like): Beef, Lamb or Chicken Casserole, Lasagne. Vegetable Lasagne, Fish Pie, Stroganoff.
We can also get your essentials in such as bread, milk, bacon, cheese, eggs, etc.